Our Journey

 From Flowers To Forever


We are two sisters

We're two sisters-in-law. Working 9-to-5 (or even longer) in the city, Between demanding jobs and social commitments, there’s hardly any time left for ourselves.

Flowers have become our happy escape. But here's the thing: every time we brought fresh flowers home, they'd wilt and die so soon, and it made us really sad.

That's how 'uLove Flower' came to life. 

Forever Flower, Forever Yours.

In today’s fast-paced urban life, we often find ourselves caught up in a relentless rush. We rush from one task to another, always connected, always busy, yet we miss out on the most important connection—time spent with ourselves. This constant busyness can leave us feeling drained and disconnected from what truly nourishes our spirits. 

We started preserving real flowers into unique handmade items like cards, bookmarks, and frames. It’s our way of capturing those calm, beautiful moments forever.

Plus, if you're into crafting, check out our DIY kits. They’re perfect for taking a little time out to relax and create something beautiful, whether it’s for yourself or to connect with family and friends.

So that’s our story. We found joy in flowers and crafted a way to share that joy and keep it alive. We hope our creations help you find a little peace and connection in your life too. Enjoy!